What is ShowMB?

ShowMB is a Directory for professionals, bloggers and influencers that allows you and others to know your social rank, compare your ranking with other users and enhance the visibility of your personal brand . All this by using badges, widgets and other tools that we offer you.

What is the ShowMB Market?

The ShowMB Market is reserved area for users of 18 year old and older that want to explore the possibility of being hired as freelancer by companies or other professionals for certain jobs, projects or collaborations.

By accessing the Market you will have the opportunity to discover jobs and collaborations offers related to your activity. Plus you'll be invited anonymously to a diverse and interesting projects by companies that have previously viewed your profile.

How do I access the ShowMB Market?

To access the ShowMB Market as a Worker (Freelancer, freelancer, etc.) you must first register as a user in ShowMB and meet certain quality requirements. If you meet the requirements you will be able to register as a Market user.

I am a Company, How do I access the ShowMB Market?

You can access ShowMB Market as a Contractor by clicking the following link: Acesso contratante. In this section you will find more information about it.

Is ShowMB free?

Registration and use of the platform does not have a cost to the user unless an economic agreement between the Company and the Worker is reached. In this case, we will deduct a small amount of the price agreed between both parties to cover the costs of operations and maintain the security of the transaction.

In what countries does ShowMB operates?

At the moment we operate in 53 countries.

Can I hide my profile from the Directory?

Sure, we provide you with privacy options in your profile settings to do it.

How do I delete my account?

At your edit profile area you have a link for it at the bottom of the page. If you have any question you can always contact us using the following email: [email protected]